dali_clockHaving FINALLY been sent the itinerary for the upcoming Alaskan cruise (not organized or booked by me) I noticed something odd.  Although we arrive in Anchorage at 2 AM, we do not check-in to the hotel until 3 PM. I called my mother.

ME: “Did you notice we don’t have a hotel room the first night?”

MOM: “Let me see.”  Begins reading aloud the 45-page document of which the last page highlights the travel info.

ME: “Just turn to the last page.”

MOM: “Arrive in LAX at 6:55, depart and arrive at SEA-TAC…” She LOVES calling the airport SEA-TAC.

ME: “Seattle”

MOM: “…SEA-TAC at 4:30. Arrive Vancouver…”

ME: “WAIT!  Those aren’t the right times.  How do we leave LA and arrive in Seattle two hours earlier?”

MOM: “Arrive LAX at 6:55, arrive in SEA-TAC at 4:30 then fly to Vancouver at 2:35…”

ME: Sigh.  “I’ll call the travel agent.”

…more to come…