I am finally getting a “decent” wi-fi connection (I’m sitting in Safeway).  A couple of photo-heavy updates in a row.

Decided to take the train to Seward instead of a bus.  GREAT decision.  Lunch table-service (plus Screwdrivers for mom), plus a bistro car.  The trip was a bit rainy (let’s face it the WHOLE trip has been rainy) but hopefully grabbed some great photos along the way.

Met my long-lost-twin on the train.  We were born in the same hospital in La Jolla and she and her family now live in the same town where I went to high school.  Random, huh?

OK, photos:


It was a fun trip.  Great conversations with new friends interrupted every few minutes by someone yelling “waterfall!” or “glacier!”  I did finally see a moose but I think it was fake.

Train to Seward (video)

Arriving in Seward (not knowing we would be here four days) we pulled up to a massive coal pile next to  a single wind turbine with a melting glacier on the horizon.  The irony was not lost on us.