The good news?  We are departing Seward tonight at 8:30 PM (cue the fanfare).  We will be traveling so fast we will probably hydroplane to get to Vancouver by Friday morning.  The bad news?  I will no longer have internet access so this may be the last post for awhile.


Seward.  All one mile of it.  My home for the last four days aboard a really expensive hotel.  Well, technically, a really free hotel.  Except for the bar bills, internet charges and the vast fortune I will lose once the shops and casino finally open!  All in all a pretty view.  Would never want to live here.  Or spend four days on a disabled cruise ship.

 UPDATE:  So add this to the “What are the odds” category.  Overheard an on-board announcement about a matinee that had been added last minute.  It was “garbly-garbly-static Craig Meyer as Elton John.”  What?  Former World Dancer German Boy and Kid of the Kingdom, Craig Meyer?


Awesome show!  He had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand.  Did a private concert afterwards for a woman in the audience.  Very sweet.  We met up after the show and played catch-up.  I LOVE the biz that is show!  So many great friends and great memories.  Even better when you get to relive them!  Great to see you Craig!  Bon Voyage and safe travels.