Letter from CaptainOur cruise has been cancelled due to mechanical difficulties.

We have two options:

1) Stay on the ship, in the port of Seward (about a mile long, population 2,000) until Tuesday when they estimate the repairs will be done.  Then cruise directly to Vancouver.

2) Arrange our own travel from Seward back home.  Submit receipts for a refund.

While in port there will be limited service, no casino and no excursions.


We all saw this coming, didn’t we?


UPDATE:  Mom is bound and determined to stay on the ship until the bitter end.  Of course she is more than a little inebriated.  She suggested flying to Mexico.  I advised her that MAY not be refundable by the cruise line.

Possibly looking at a RIDICULOUSLY early bus to Anchorage (4 am) to arrive in time for an 11:30 AM direct flight to LAX.  Mom would have a 4 hour layover for her flight to Yuma.

More to come…