Good news – the rain has stopped and the sun has come out for now. The little harbor outside my window is lovely.  The heavy fog blanketing the green mountaintops is kind of cool.  We are still in port so I can tether to my phone for Wi-Fi access.

Bad news – the running “track” is less than 1/8 of a mile.  60 laps to run 6 miles in the rain was tough. Hopefully my shoes will dry out by tomorrow. Only two outlets to a cabin means a lot of jockeying to recharge cell phones, computers, tablets and electric razors. We are not in a suite. All my “young” shipmates have flown home.

My mother wants to ride it out. She still has not grasped the concept that there will be no stops.  We are docked (for hopefully only) four more days then we will be hightailing it to Vancouver. But it’s her trip, if that is what she wants that is what we’ll do.  Unfortunately, given that our only time to see any port is here in Seward, she does not want to get off the ship. I’ve arranged for a wheelchair and taxis.  But she wants to stay put.  Hopefully she is making friends with her smoking buddies.  I fear a coup in which they take over the ship and “smoke wherever they goddamn want!” However we are probably safe as that would require a small amount of sobriety to organize…and we all know how that goes.

So I am heading to the Alaska SeaLife Center on my own.  Maybe I’ll scope out a running route for tomorrow. I’ll try to upload photos but it is slow going no matter how close to “town” we are.

OH!  We are “technically” cruising this evening.  We are in the big cruise ship slip and another ship is arriving tomorrow so we are moving to the smaller space during the repairs.  It means we pull out, spin around and pull back in.  My view will change so its kind of like going to a new port.  🙂