Or in this case go with the slow 15 knots as we CRAWLED to Vancouver.

Just random closing thoughts and some photos to end this trip and to lock it in the deepest darkest parts of my mind that future therapists will wet themselves to unlock.

1.  A broken down cruise ship is still a cruise ship, just without the cruise part.  The entire crew did an amazing job at keeping us entertained.  Last minute matinee shows, free internet while we were in Seward, 150,000 bus trips to Exit Glacier.  It is upsetting that I didn’t get to really see Alaska.  Let’s face it – Anchorage is nice, but it’s a little town.  I’m still baffled that cruise ships use Seward as a port.  There must be someplace a little more interesting than a town with a coal shipping plant and an aquarium.

2. Speaking of entertainment – the specialty acts for the most part were great.  Craig Meyer’s “Almost Elton John,” Travis (wish I could remember his last name) (vocalist), Top Shelf (male a cappella group) and Magician Adam Trent gave great performances.  A few other last-minute musicians and comedians were…well, typical cruise ship fare.  The production shows were amateurish at best.  They were poorly written, staged and choreographed shows with bad sound and lighting and very entry-level talent.  I realize I am not the typical cruise ship passenger but I expected more from this cruise line and/or their independent producers.

3. I met some very nice people from all over the world.  I encountered only happy passengers who were making the most of their vacation.  I suspect the ones that were really upset flew home early.

4. I learned that I was NOT that “crazy running guy.”  That was the 80-year old who was up two hours earlier than anyone else and already had ten miles done by the time I started my morning runs.  Oh – and a track that is 1/9th of a mile is a PAINFUL way to try and get your miles.

5.  I ran six miles every day and gained weight.  Clearly dessert with EVERY meal was not the wisest decision.

This is the map that sat outside the main hall. Our planned route is in blue – our actual route in red. (Click for larger)


6.  We never saw land until we arrived in Vancouver.  For the most part we never saw more than 15 feet through the fog and rain.

7. I am happy that the engine problem was discovered before we sailed and that we stayed in port and did not end up like that Carnival ship stuck out in the middle of the ocean with no power, water or toilets. However I don’t think our engine problems were truly fixed.  We were only going 15 knots in fairly calm seas and yet the ship seemed to be “fishtailing” and firing stabilizers a GREAT deal.

8. As vacations go this will not rank in the top 10.  I am not the type to vacation by sitting and reading a book or watching clouds roll by.  My planned excursions were zip lining and white-water rafting and getting up-close to whales and glaciers in an inflatable.  I spent most of my days just wandering the ship, up and down stairs, forward and aft just to keep moving.  It was not a terrible way to spend a week, just not my ideal way.  This vacation will be the one with the best stories but for all the wrong reasons.  However, my mom enjoyed herself because she got to do what she likes to do best – sit and chat with a cigarette and a drink.  No agenda, no plans, no schedule. I clearly did not inherit those traits.