airplane-movieIt has been 35 years since my mother has flown.

1) What can and cannot be carried through Security screening is a completely foreign concept.

2) “When they open and go through my bags will I have to repack and then do it again?” means “I am flying SkyWest from Yuma.  Will I have to claim my bags and recheck them on AlaskaAir once I land at LAX?”

3) “What do you mean I can’t take water?”

4) “I know they’re going to lose my bags so I have underwear, shorts, a top and flip-flops in my purse.”  PERFECT for an Alaskan cruise!

5) ME: “We only have 40 minutes between flights in Seattle.”  MOM: “That’s why I hired someone to push me.”  ME: “Still, we’ll be last off the plane waiting for the wheelchair to arrive.  It may be very tight.”  MOM: “They’ll push fast.”

Oh this is going to be fun!