luggageHere is what I learned in the last few hours. ..

1) Have a meet up plan
2) Know your audience. Telling a 70 year old woman who has not flown in thirty years exactly how to negotiate through Security only means she will find the nearest bench and plant herself.
3) She is much frailer than I expected.
4) She doesn’t drink as much as drinks more than I thought but and she likes her Bloody Marys AND REALLY LIKES her Screwdrivers

Here is what I learned in the last hour
1) Woe to the parent with the crying child
2) Woe to the customer service rep who had to tell her that her bags are still in Seattle
3) Woe to her son who slowly walked her to the room, went back downstairs to arrange for the bags to be delivered, paid the taxi driver then walked back into the hotel room to find his mother smoking…in a non smoking room. When questioned, her response was “sorry, kiddo. When informed that she would more than likely have to pay a pretty stiff fine her response was…”let them try!”

Odd that I will dwell on the last hour for the next week. Send a helicopter. Please!

Oh and she has a Mickey Mouse eyeglass chain.