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Having had no luck with my mother in figuring out why we did not have a hotel room when we arrive in Anchorage, I called her travel agent in Yuma.

ME: “Hi, I’m calling for my mom.  It seems we arrive at 2 AM on August 8 but we don’t have a room until 3 PM.”

TRAVEL AGENT: “That’s correct.  We have you confirmed for a late arrival.”

ME: “That isn’t really a late arrival.  I would call that a very early arrival.”

TRAVEL AGENT: “No, that’s how they do it in Anchorage.  Since all the flights arrive so late they automatically give you a late arrival.”

ME: Trying to hold back the sarcasm “Perhaps I’m not being clear.  We leave Los Angeles on August 7 at 6:55 PM.  We stop in Seattle and arrive in Anchorage at 2 AM on August 8.  Technically, that’s the night of the 7th.  Our room is not available until 3 PM on August 8.”

TRAVEL AGENT: “Yes.  Late arrival.”

ME: Almost shouting “NO! We will be sitting in the Anchorage airport for THIRTEEN hours before our room will become available.  That IS NOT a late arrival!”


TRAVEL AGENT: “I’ll have to call you back.”


…more to come…