32_ready_3867Part 3 where the author learns there is no reasoning with a travel agent from Yuma.

Phone rings.

TRAVEL AGENT: “Hello, Mr. Ames.  I contacted the hotel and unfortunately the cruise line has not released the manifest.  As of now you are not in the hotel’s reservation system.”

Blood pressure begins to rise.

TRAVEL AGENT: “Since having a late arrival guarantee was important…”

ME: Interrupting.  “I think you missed the point.  It’s not a late arrival issue.  It’s a missing day issue.”

TRAVEL AGENT: “Since having a late arrival guarantee was important I have made a second reservation for you and your mother.  Checking in on August 7th.”

ME: “Thank you.  Wait!  What?  Second reservation?  You couldn’t modify the original reservation?”

TRAVEL AGENT: “No.  Since the manifest has not been turned over to the hotel I was unable to change your reservation.  But not to worry.  Just check in when you arrive on the 7th.  Then on the morning of the 8th just go back down to the front desk and give them your cruise hotel voucher.  They’ll check you in to your room and pre-check you on to the cruise.”

ME: “So should I expect that I will have to change rooms?”

TRAVEL AGENT: “That is a possibility.”

Blood pressure spikes.  Vision begins to fade.

ME:  “Well that us certainly not ideal, but if it is the only way to have a room when we arrive then I’ll have to accept it.”

TRAVEL AGENT: “Unfortunately, since you needed the late arrival guarantee this was the only option.  The hotel offers a day room for guests to use while they wait for their room to be ready.”

ME:  “I still don’t believe you understand the issue.  If I arrive at noon and my room is available at 3 PM…a day room would be a great way to relax for a bit.  Heck, I could check my luggage and go see the city.  But my 70-year-old mother and I arrive at TWO O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING and you expected us to SIT IN A HOTEL LOBBY FOR THIRTEEN HOURS?!?!?”

TRAVEL AGENT: “No, of course not.  That’s why you have a late arrival guarantee.”

Catatonic.  Losing consciousness.

TRAVEL AGENT: “One more thing.  Since you are arriving so late there will be no shuttle to pick you up at the airport.  Enjoy your cruise.”

“Scanners” head explosion.