My bags are packed (all of them) and are sitting by the front door.  As I get ready to head to LAX I thought that seven weeks in China should be rife with blog-worthy experiences, at least as blog-worthy as the “cruise to nowhere” that started it all.  So, I’ve dusted off Travels With Jim and hope to keep all of you (both of you? OK, maybe just me) entertained with stunning (smog-filled) photos, hilarious (death-defying) taxi stories and the possible “hey, this was cool” moment (I think it was cool but I have no idea what they were saying so it could have been anything).

To get us started here is a photo from my first trip to China just a few weeks ago.

2015-05-10 17.09.42
On the Bund with Pudong in the background


I also thought it might be fun to have a built-in Chinese lesson.  So until I can load the plugin here is quite possibly THE most important phrase for me to know:

大杯冰拿铁脱脂牛奶  (Dà bēi bīng ná tiě tuōzhī niúnǎi) – or, in English: big cup iced latte skimmed milk


So buckle up – here we go.